Traction Research + Technology, LLC

Traction Research + Technology specializes in developing and delivering highly-effective yet streamlined products and services to the active self-directed investor.  By simplifying professional-level methodologies, and through the use of a “plain language” approach to support and education, Traction is able to deliver powerful difference-making analytics, research and learning solutions to serious investors seeking to bypass the noise and hype on their way to measurable, lasting results.


It’s simple…

We work with individual clients and investor groups to help them reach their goals.

Every investor has different goals, capital and time resources that they can devote to investing/trading.  We work with you to find the best learning path that will fit your level of commitment and lifestyle while maximizing the time, effort and energy you spend on the process.  We’re willing to work with folks to “make it work” for them in all ways be it budget, time, location, etc.  In short, we offer a completely customized experience to each client so they receive the best “bang for their buck”.

If you are interested in working with us simply contact Wayne or Ryan below or use the Contact form.



Wayne Razzi




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Traction Research and Technology LLC

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