Market Traction Newsletter

Market Traction Newsletter

Stock Analysis and Option Alerts

Market Traction is an education-oriented swing trading options service designed for newer-to-seasoned traders with a focus on helping folks to learn more as they trade more. This service assists traders in harnessing the power of options to capitalize on stock price movement over days and weeks. Our weekly webinar and updates allow newer traders look over the shoulders of professional traders that have been active in the markets for over 25 years. Market Traction narrows down a short list of potential opportunities with a focus on entry levels and conditions and provides reminders as to how to manage positions to protect and maximize profits.

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What you get Each Week:

  • Our Market Traction Newsletter emailed Monday Night!
  • A Live and Timely Interactive Webinar that follows publication
  • We cover new and recent ideas, a recap, the current Market Environment and beyond…
  • Updates as market action unfolds in ways that are instructive for current and future success
  • A recording of our webinar is made available shortly after we’ve concluded
  • Archived access to all newsletters and webinar recordings


Market Traction Trading Style

We seek to roll with the tide and go with the flow!  Cliches for sure but we all know to not fix what isn’t broke! 

Remaining nimble and open-minded about future market action has served us well for decades.  But we did learn the hard way and we’re too old to change now anyway!

Nearly 100% of our approach is technically driven (chart based).

Our Prime Directive is to seek out lower risk / respectable reward opportunities and to capitalize on them with relatively low-dollar amounts and reasonably low-implied volatility options.

We keep it simple the overwhelming majority of the time. 

We buy certain calls or certain puts and we try to let things work out or not!  It doesn’t get much more simple and direct and we like it that way!



Market Traction has 4 Main Subsections

Weekly Trade Ideas

Ideas are official and described in full with specifics

Mentions are ones we like but fall shy of being an official idea.

Market Overview

We cover the markets environment in a “big picture” way as we see that as critical to consistent trading success. It is mainly chart-driven but other notables are woven into the mix.

Below the Radar

This section seeks to keep our readers much more informed than the Bubblevision Business Networks allow. Weekly, we  shine light on issues that are sub-surface and off the radar.   Risk is the most important part of the Risk/Reward relationship.


Options Academy

OA provides a weekly short but important lesson for those attempting to become successful traders with options as their main investment vehicle. 

All things considered, this Market Traction Services represent nearly priceless value to those that seek to safely and consistently profit in the trading markets WHILE learning to do it for themselves.  Quickly become aware of what may be lurking out there in the world economies and financial systems while learning and sharpening trading skills.  Grab the pre-qualified SHORT LIST of lower-risk actionable-ideas and updates for a reasonable monthly cost!  This is exactly what new-to-the-markets active traders need to allow them to last long enough to figure it out and successfully customize the trading process for themselves!